Dank Memes That Want You To Stay Hydrated

In an unlikely show of health consciousness, dank memers have been using their memes to urge fellow citizens to guzzle water like there's no tomorrow. Some of the memes shame people for yellow or brown urine, while others pair violent, aggressive imagery with wholesome demands that the person reading drink water. While the memes may vary in format and style, the overarching theme is something we can get behind. Put down the Monster energy drinks, y'all. It's time to drink water.

funny dank memes about hydration | kirby plushie holding a knife in one hand and a bottle of water in the other hydration is not an option kirbymutual drink water or face wrath kirby. drakeposting meme Hey kid, want kidney stones? Piss rocks out ur pee-hole Healthy hydration, little bro!
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