Doctor Clears Up Some More Coronavirus Misconceptions On Twitter

Dr. Faheem Younus has a couple things going for him right now. He's an infectious disease expert, and he's got quite the Twitter following. He's been using these powers for good as people cope with coronavirus fears. Younus shared a thread recently that busts some common myths about the pandemic, and now he's back with a sequel. Doctors are working on the clock to learn about this illness, and we're glad that one of them is here to share wisdom with us. 

Twitter thread from Faheem Younus about common coronavirus myths, covid-19 | Faheem Younus, MD O @FaheemYounus COVID Myth-busting Thread: To0 many myths floating around. Here's part 2. 1/10: Avoid shipped packages/gas pumps/shopping carts/ATMS or die. Wrong. Coronavirus surface survival is one thing surface causing an infection is another. Wash hands; live life 3:41 PM 3/22/20 Twitter Web App | 2/10 can catch COVID-19 ordering takeout food/Chinese food or packaging food Wrong. COVID-19 is
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