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Dark & Funny Memes For People Who Are Going Through It

Whether you're feeling anxious and depressed about current events, or you're coping with mental illness or seasonal depression, it's very true that sometimes things can become overwhelming. And when things get overwhelming, it's important that you practice self-care. For some people, that means turning off the news, taking a long, hot bath, and knocking back the chamomile tea. For others, it's indulging in an irresponsible amount of alcohol. We prefer browsing darkly funny memes that address the depressing stuff we're going through. And we're serving up a big old batch of 'em.

Funny and depressing memes about depression and anxiety, dank memes, sad memes, depression, add memes, mental health, mental illness | Seasonal But Slutty 1984's George W v @EwdatsGROSS Wake up v Hit snooze V Think about quitting my job and moving across country explore nature and live van v Fill void loss existential purpose with coffee an attempt feel something | on verge tears public and doing everything can hold and act like nothing is wrong at same time
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