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Clickbait-y Daily Mirror Tweet Has Spawned An Amazing Twitter Meme

It's not often that clickbait does anything more than elicit eye-rolls or lamentation from most of us, but today we're happy to say this is not the case. We're here to thank The Daily Mirror for composing a tweet so incredibly clickbait-y that Twitter has turned the damn thing into a meme. To promotea piece about a Tinder love-connection gone wrong, the publication tweeted the following: 

"Woman's perfect Tinder date with 'The One' shattered by five simple words."

It's a pretty histrionic title, especially when considering the five words: "Stay away from my boyfriend." Her supposed Prince Charming was not, in fact, an eligible bachelor. The spicy yet vague headline immediately put Twitter to work. Social media jokesters started to tweet five words that would leave them shook - and the rest is history. We'll keep our politics to ourselves, but Julia Carver's (now deleted) tweet is on point. This website could never love someone who doesn't get down with some Popeyes. 

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