cyberpunk 2077 characters


Gamers Show Off Their New Cyberpunk 2077 Characters On Twitter

It's only day one and gamers everywhere are tweeting virtual selfies of their custom Cyberpunk 2077 characters. Some of these people haven't even started playing the game yet and they're already stoked! Worth the hype? I guess we'll have to play and find out ourselves. We've put together a bunch of tweets that showcase how vast the character design options are. Pretty impressive stuff.

funny tweets about video game cyberpunk 2077 character creation | Victoria I Social Media + Design @th3flowergarden Spent almost 30mins customizing my character... Worth it! #Cyberpunk2077 | Gav e @miracleofsound My favorite thing about Cyberpunk 2077 so far is that I was able to make my character look like something that fell off the back of The Ramones' tour bus #Cyberpunk2077
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