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Sonic's New Look & Trailer Inspire Twitter Praise & Lots Of Conspiracy Theories

Remember Sonic's cursed appearance from earlier this year? We wish we were able to banish its memory from our pristine minds, but alas. The only thing that's come close is the new trailer for the movie, featuring a Sonic the Hedgehog with far less teeth and bigger, more beautiful eyes. The speedy guy looks way more like the Sonic of our childhood - and Twitter seems to be incredibly relieved and impressed, for the most part. 

While some fans are commending Paramount Pictures for their efforts in "fixing" the blue dude, others are convinced that the first and cursed Sonic trailer was merely a publicity stunt. They believe that this Sonic was the "true Sonic" all along. Whatever the truth, this movie seems like something we might be able to get through. And that's good enough for us. 

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