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Womans Attempt At Selling Stolen Astroturf, Dramatic Comment Hilarity Ensues

Facebook is a wonderfully entertaining cesspool of freaks. From pyramid scheme promoting moms to anti-vaxxers, the whole site is a veritable goldmine of cringe. And we've just stumbled upon some Grade A material. After her ex-boyfriend's mother talked smack about her dead grandmother, one enterprising woman took it upon herself to steal some astro turf from the maternal shit-talker. And then tried to sell it. While some of her Facebook friends were supportive of the criminal act, the mom herself makes an appearance in the comments and things go downhill (or uphill, depending on how you look at it) from there. 

Warning: if you're sensitive about foul language, do not proceed. These people boast very colorful vocabulary.

Funny cringey facebook post about stolen astro turf, woman steals astro-turf from her ex's mom's house | Holly Does anyone need artificial grass stole out my ex boyfriends mums house last night after she chatted shit about my dead nan, selling 1 but will take any other offer going 5p HMU Haha Macey Should have took her wheelchair too | Lisa suggest give my sister her grass back before l'm banging on fucking door. i1.3k 1 d Like Lisa Very classy Macey considering biggest regret my sons life.
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