Sixteen Times Bad Roommates Were Bad

Here in New York City it's damn near impossible to live on your own. Most of us have to resort to having multiple roommates - much of the time these people are found on Craigslist or other roommate-connecting sites and apps. This means you're gonna have weirdos. And you're going to have some seriously shitty roommates. We're happy to say we've never dealt with people quite this terrible, but we really feel for people who relate to these. It's a tough world out there. May we have one bedroom apartments in our future

funny stories about bad roommates, roommates who have sex in your bed, roommates who don't clean, crazy roommates | This makes wonder about worst roommate stories. Go! l'l start: came home one Sat and had an eviction notice on door. Turns out roommate had been taking my rent money at point pay his dues his Scientology-lite cult group. Eric had sex on bed. Sorry about use pillow Matt
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