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Chilling Twitter Thread Describes The Dire Situation At NYC Hospitals

Despite the fact that COVID-19 has been around since November, many countries (and people) are still figuring out how to grapple with the outbreak as it worsens in countries like Italy and the United States. Unfortunately, hospitals stateside are already reeling from Coronavirus cases. Author Evan Siegfried took to Twitter last night with a chilling update from one of his friends who works at a New York City hospital. The nurse describes an alarming situation that's a combination of under-staffing, lack of supplies, and a serious need for blood. We sincerely hope that people stop hoarding medical supplies so that the professionals can take care of the people who really need help.

Informative Twitter thread about how hospitals are unprepared for covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, lack of supplies, medical | Evan Siegfried @evansiegfried Friend mine is nurse at major NYC hospital. Texted her see she's doing with pandemic she had say terrifying. First, she is trained blood pathology, but her whole department has been shifted Coronavirus response. 1/6 They're dangerously short on supplies. Her entire floor, roughly 30 people given two boxes masks total 100 hospital has told them
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