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Twitter Thread About Coronavirus Reveals What An Ordeal It Is To Get Tested

As more cases of (and deaths from) COVID-19 are announced, people all over the United States are beginning to panic. In Seattle, where the death toll has reached 6 victims, people are especially nervous. This includes Twitter user @into_the_brush. The Seattle resident, who battles chronic bronchitis, became concerned after showing all the signs of having contracted Coronavirus. Naturally, she wanted to get tested. And that proved to be very, very difficult. Read the story below, and check out more responses right on the thread

Twitter thread from @into_the_brush about how hard it is to get tested for coronavirus covid-19 in seattle, united states, cornavirus deaths | sketchy lady @into_the_brush live Seattle have all symptoms COVID-19 and have history chronic bronchitis. Since work physical therapy clinic with many 65+ patients and those with chronic illnesses decided be responsible and go get tested. This is went. called Corona hotline on hold 40 minutes and gave up. So looked at CDC and Washington public health webs
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