coronavirus pandemic


Spicy Memes About The Chaotic Times We Live In

If you had told us on January first that by June we'd be battling a pandemic, racism & police brutality, and trying to celebrate Pride at the same time, we'd think you were on drugs. But we'd be extremely wrong. All of the above are happening, and it's all pretty overwhelming. But when the going gets tough and crazy, memers tend to respond with topical bits of spicy humor. And honestly, that's helping us through right now.

Dank and spicy memes about black lives matter, racism, protesting, protesters, pride month, coronavirus, 2020 | every company right now were gay but now black | covid-19 cases reaches 1000 people Meme Man Wurds Panik covid-19 cases reaches 2M people Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.
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