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Memers Are Freaking Over Proposed EU Law That Might Ban Memes

For years memers have been focused on Star Wars' Order 66, but now they're more concerned about a real-life copyright law that is endangering their meme-ing freedom. Article 13 of the proposed EU copyright overhaul threatens many forms of user-generated content. The article is trying for much harsher regulation for copyrighted content - which will directly affect any memes that use stock photos or images from movies or television shows. 

The threat is definitely being felt in Reddit's meme communities, especially the oft-offensive r/dankmemes subreddit. How do memers respond to threats on their livelihood? By making memes, of course. Here are some of our favorites - but there are sure to be many, many more in the days to come. As dedicated believers in our freedom to meme, we really hope this article doesn't become a reality. If they go through with their machinations to take our memes, how could we have gold like this Scottish Pokemon trainer meme? We couldn't, so stop it, before its too late/

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