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'Dinosaur Earth' Meme Account Argues Earth Is Actually Dinosaur-Shaped

If you spend way too much time on the internet like we do, you've probably heard about the 'flat earth' theory, but what do you know about dinosaur earth? Two years ago, an Instagram account called @dinosaurearth began posting memes that satirize the flat earth mindset and they've been going hard ever since. The concept is reminiscent of the first well-known internet trolls of belief systems, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The 'Dinosaur Earth Society' also have a Twitter account, where they often flaunt their rivalry with @FlatEarthOrg. As meme savants, we have deep respect for @dinosaurearth's dedication to throwing their spin on nearly every meme format in existence. We've put together twenty-one of the funniest @dinosaurearth posts for the (dinosaur) world to see. 

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