Dungeons & Dragons Shitposts For Anyone Craving The Campaign

The weird winter time where we're crushed by social responsibilities is terrible. Many of us can't even devote a second to having our own fun. Between scrambling to get work done before the holiday, to making up for it after, we're overworked, overtired, and just want a least a goddamn afternoon to devote to our nerdy hobbies and pastimes. This is especially difficult for those of us who play Dungeons and Dragons. It's hard to get the group together on a normal weekend, during these "festive" times it's near impossible. Fortunately for all of us dice rollers, we can enjoy our obsession vicariously through these memes and tweets. 

dungeons and dragons memes, dungeons and dragons tweets, funny meme, funny tweets, paladins, barbarians, bards, necromancers, wizards, funny tweets | tweet by deathbybadger FIGHTER have my sword X RANGER: and my bow NECROMANCER: and my bard *whacks corpse onto table* FIGHTER: oh my god RANGER: are they dead? FIGHTER think going be sick CLERIC hell is wrong with dnd5e. players they roll natural 1 on an investigation check Where's Ocean?
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