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Twitter Thread Explains Why Jews Eat Chinese Food On Christmas

The Jewish tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas is well-documented in the media, but have you ever wondered how that started? Well, it's a lot more than a trope. Twitter user @kehillahjewess composed a brilliant thread to demystify the holiday ritual on Christmas Eve, and the historical roots are pretty damn fascinating. Turns out the stereotype goes way deeper than the simple fact that Chinese restaurants are some of the only businesses open on the Christian holiday. 

Fascinating thread about the origin of Jews eating chinese food on Christmas in New York City Lower East Side | megan n'n @kehillahjewess seems like customary Jewish tradition eat Chinese food on Christmas, but have ever wondered where time-honored practice came | late 1880s, many Chinese immigrants moved Lower East Side Manhattan after living California during creation Transcontinental Railroad. Many these families ended up going into restaurant industry and opened up their own businesses.
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