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These Super-Specific Memes Riff On The Perils Of Turning The Car Light On

These memes really brought me back to long car rides with my family to see my grandparents. My father and I would be the only ones awake, most of the time. And I'd inevitably drop my beef jerky or some other disgusting snack and need to turn on the light. He hated it. The reaction I'd get from switching that light on for what felt like a millisecond indicated that I was trying to murder my entire family. 

According to these popular memes from r/dankmemes, I was far from the only child to experience this horror and wrath. Memers on the subreddit are using all kinds of images to indicate how utterly life-threatening the flip of the switch can be - or seems to be. And they're funny as hell. 

Funny memes about turning the car light on
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