butter the bearded dragon


Memers Flood Reddit With Sweet Memorial Memes For Butter The Bearded Dragon

It's not every day that memers agree on something. In a rare and heartwarming move, a post to r/MemeEconomy has inspired a wealth of wholesome memes on Reddit. The post states that Butter, an adorable Bearded Dragon, was set to be put to sleep today - but that perhaps she could live on in meme form. Memers quickly got to work flooding various subreddits with sweet tributes to the lizard, quickly knocking the Blinking White Guy meme out of its rank as the day's hottest meme. The move is similar to what we saw on r/dankmemes after Stefán Karl Stefánsson tragically succumbed to cancer last year. Both memorials are lovely reminders that it is possible for people on the internet to get together for good. Here are some of the sweeter memes we've seen in honor of our new favorite Bearded Dragon. Rest in peace, Butter. 

Sweet memes about butter the bearded dragon from r/memes, owner asked if the lizard could be meme'd.
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