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32 People Share Shady Secrets From Their Industries

It's no surprise that many professions cut corners and do some sketchy shit to make an extra buck or save themselves a hassle. Many businesses claim their wares are homemade when they're actually mass-produced, or in food, pre-prepared and frozen. Some places commit highway robbery by upcharging at a serious margin. These are some pretty widely accepted (albeit unfortunate) truths. But u/CircleBox2, in the name of demystification, asked redditors to share the darkest secrets from their industries. And some of them are shadier than we expected.

Askreddit thread about shady and sketchy secrets from various professions | hopefulcynicx 9h markup on glasses (specifically frames) is stupid ridiculous can buy frame 4, then turn around sell 160. Lenses too lenses cost us under $10 can easily be marked up 100 mean business is business but taking advantage people who can't see is sorta shitty lol Reply 950
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