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Icelandic Bus Company Uses Humor To Promote Safety

Icelandic bus company Strætó teamed up with American illustrator David Sopp to release some amusing bus safety tips in the style of Sopp's own Pregnancy and Baby Handling Tips. The tongue-in-cheek guidelines have been shared on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook - thankfully in English as well as in Icelandic. It's a great way to get through to people in a fun way, and according to the Reykjavik Grapevine, the popularity of the tips has caused their social media following to skyrocket. 

We've put the bus-riding tips here for easy scrolling, but be sure to check out the Pregnancy and Baby Handling tips when you get a chance. You never know when they might come in handy.

funny bus safety tips david sopp iceland | Riding Tips: Helping Elderly GOOD BAD BESTA LEI man offering seat to grandma vs man holding grandma on top of him. Riding Tips: Activities on Ride GOOD BAD BESTA LEIÐ woman reading on bus vs woman clipping her nails on the bus
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