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Cringey Tale Of Clueless 'Brexidiots' Has Twitter On The Edge Of Its Seat

You don't have to look far to find breathtaking ignorance in the United States. Anti-vaxxers, flat-earthers, people who actually believe 5G is the cause of coronavirus (it's not). Today, however, we're bringing you a refreshing tale of major stupidity from across the pond, in Europe. Twitter user @Archer_RS went viral yesterday after sharing an unfinished saga about dealing with his English neighbors who voted for Brexit. It seems they did not realize that their holiday home in France would be compromised by the separation from the EU. And appealed to our hero for help.

Our storyteller agreed to assist them, even going as far as to deal with their drunk son and secure him a Friday meeting with the town's Mayor. If you're getting some serious Karen vibes, you're not alone. This tire fitter (and drunk texter) really believes that having a chat with a French mayor will change anything about his parents situation. This delusional dolt even threatened to speak to Nigel Farage. It seems when people don't actually look into the lies that are being sold to them, they ultimately suffer. At least we're gaining some serious entertainment. Even better? Archer's sitting in on Friday's meeting of the minds as a translator. It's nice to have something to look forward to. 

RS Archer thread about people who voted for brexit, son, mayor | RS Archer @archer_rs 1d Long email original couple. They are very angry. Feel they have been lied not sure if they mean or UK government) and want "compensation again not sure who Want write letter confirming they knew nothing about e
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