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These Stupid Black Hole Memes Are Still Going Strong And Driving Memers Batsh*t Crazy

If you've been in the dark (ha, get it?) about the news lately, then you may have missed the announcement yesterday that the first-ever images of a black hole were captured - a feat that many scientists believed was impossible until recently. 

While this news is obviously interesting AF to nearly anyone with eyes, memers seem to care more about the fact that the image itself is a little more blurry than they'd like. That, and the fact that the cloudy pic has been making for some pretty great (and very stupid) dank memes.

And in case you missed our first round of these fresh and totally ridiculous black hole memes, check 'em out here! Or check out this hilarious rare steak meme that has found a resurgence in usage.

Blackhole dank memes
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