bitter nice guy


'Nice Guy' Reveals His Slimy Truth In Wrong Number Text

We've been seeing a lot of cringey nice guys making themselves known on the internet, but it looks like they're popping up more frequently in the wild as well. Just ask the poor soul who was forced into a crappy exchange with one of them. Seems our "hero," Keegan, was given a wrong number after making a connection with a Sandra at a club. After it becomes clear that the phone number does not belong to Sandra, Keegan somehow manages to dig himself into an even deeper whole with this complete stranger. When will people learn?

text exchange with rude nice guy after girl gives him a fake phone number | not fucking creep nice guy! This is why they say nice guys always finish last. yiikes gonna finish last w kind attitude. Whatever only making feel worse nice guy whether believe or not. idk man, nice guys don't say "iM NiCe GUy" they're just nice lol seems Sandra didn't think were nice or else have her real number but imma mind my business Who are Why do keep texting not Sandra
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