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23 Hilarious 'Bird Box' Memes That Are Probably Better Than The Movie

If your timeline is anything like ours, it's completely infested with memes about Netflix's Bird Box. The Sandra Bullock-powered thriller has already been watched by over 45 million accounts. It's no wonder that the movie (which has received very mixed reviews) is receiving the royal meme treatment on Twitter and beyond. 

But Bird Box isn't the only acclaimed film that took audiences by storm, along with the obligatory memes. Shrek and its 3 sequels (with one incoming) were the epitome of growing up in the 90s / early 2000s. Whether you were 5 or 50, Shrek was a delight and had humor made for everyone. Some might say its a bit ogre-rated, but I would say it deserves the acclaim. Keep cackling with some of these hilarious Shrek memes, or see how Shrek has really been integrated into everything, literally everything.

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