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48 Fresh & Funny Tweets From The Best Of Twitter

Twitter is like a consistently productive and super reliable joke factory. A lot of the time it churns out some real crap that we all try to avoid, but generally you can find some hilarious jokes, hot takes, and amusing shower thoughts at any point while scrolling the bird app. There are over 300 million people on Twitter, so the constant flow of content is pretty daunting, but that's why we curate some of the funniest and freshest tweets for your scrolling pleasure

funny tweets, twitter dump, twitter memes, twitter, memes, funny, lol, relatable tweets, jokes, best of twitter, random tweets, jokes, christmas, holidays, 2020 | RubMor @QBruby 1920: Alcohol is prohibited 2020: Liquor stores are an essential business during national health crisis 11:48 PM 2020-03-27 Twitter Android 95.6K Retweets 4,041 Quote Tweets 571K Likes
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