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Ben Carson Utters Unfortunate Phrasing During a Roasting From Elizabeth Warren

Today during his confirmation hearing for his appointment to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development retired neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, had an extremely unfortunate slip up.

While he was trying to dodge questions from Sen. Elizabeth Warren he had a very unfortunate choice of words.

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Politics of The Day: Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Release Cringe-Worthy Rap Ad
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Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon and a frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination.

He is also a rap legend.

The soft-spoken politico has released a new 60-second radio advertisement that is laid over a pretty dope rap. The $150,000 radio ad buy, called "Freedom," will air for two weeks.

The ad used rapper Aspiring Mogul and is intended to target black youth.

"Reaching them on a level they appreciate and follow and see if we can attract their consciousness about the election," Carson campaign spokesman Doug Watts told ABC News.

"They need to get involved and express their voice through their vote."

Of course, this is also the dude that doesn't believe in evolution and says prison makes people gay