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Internet Reacts To Angry Short Dude's Misogynistic 'Bagel Boss' Rant

An angry outburst at a Bay Shore, Long Island bagel store has gone viral after a teenage girl recorded 5' Chris Morgan ranting about women, and the way women treat men of his short stature. Morgan behaves aggressively in the video, eventually challenging a bystander to "step outside" with him. The bystander, towering over Morgan, ends up tackling the angry dude, and the video ends. Later, on Instagram Live, the girls behind the viral video explain that Morgan believed the women behind that counter of the bagel store had been smirking at him, and that this impression had caused his unhinged explosion. 

People on Twitter and Instagram have been eating this content up, responding with memes and a whole lot of short jokes. It's clear that Morgan has a chip on his vertically challenged shoulder, but his contempt for humanity seems to go beyond women. As seen on Ebaum's World, his Youtube Channel is exactly you'd expect. In now-deleted videos (they violated Youtube's terms of service) he uploads anti-semitic content. In other videos, which you can view below, he refers to women as gold-digging b*tches and gleefully leaves a date without a ride after she says she doesn't want to go home with him.

Jokes and memes aside, people like Chris Morgan need help. But he doesn't see it that way. In an interview with the Daily Mail, he touts himself as Martin Luther King of short people. 'I have a mission. The girls hate me, they don't like me, that's fine,' he added. 'I'm not stopping and the world is going to hear me. I want equality for everybody. ' Good luck, bro.

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