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Dude Creates Facebook Cringe Tsunami After Marrying His Daughter

Nebraskan Travis F. made some social media waves earlier this month after allegedly marrying his own daughter. Travis, who was recently released from a forgery-related jail sentence, posted a celebratory marriage announcement on Facebook. There was just one problem - the woman he had married is a woman he had raised since she was a child. 

Facebook lurkers exploded with horror and many profanities, even investigating the couple and sharing photos that support the argument that Samantha is, in fact, Travis' daughter. Samantha has since changed her last name on the site, but we've found comments from just a few months ago where she refers to him as "dad." There's a lot to process here, and if you want to indulge in some more comment schadenfreude, you can visit his page to read some of the loco comments. 

cringey, facebook, dad | Travis Fiaiuiare is with Samantha Fieleige January 1 at 7:46 PM o Happy New year 2019 Married Samantha Fi e January 1 | Travis Fiminigme Well we took a dna at the pig station and sammy aint my kid so who ever dont like it then hell dont talk to me and if that still dont work then hell ill start bashing head and i dont care who u rr think ur come mess with the bull youll get the horns 2w Like Reply Jason Evans Sr Travis Fiedge i wont judge. Goid luck to you travis.
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