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Joker And Peter Parker Get Down In This Reddit-Approved Meme

The final trailer for October 4th's Joker film released last week, and people seem to either love the idea of the film or love to relentlessly mock it. We're still waiting to see if he says "We live in a society," but before we pass any judgments, we're definitely enjoying these fresh memes that have been popping up all over Reddit. The meme pairs Joaquin Phoenix's deranged, dancing Joker with emo Peter Parker, and is being used to depict any sort of deranged and celebratory situation. It does remarkably to evoke the demented glee of Oompa Loompas when something shitty happens to an arguably innocent child. While the memes are fun, they're quickly disappearing from the r/dankmemes subreddit, so we recommend you enjoy them while they're hot. 

Funny memes of Joker (joaquin phoneix) dancing with peter parker (tobey maguire) dank memes, anime, boobs
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