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Baby Nut Is Inspiring Some Hilariously Violent & Angry Tweets

Planters Nuts had teased their Super Bowl ad since the untimely demise of their mascot, Mr. Peanut. Unfortunately, the funeral-themed bit didn't sit as well with viewers as they had anticipated. The ad shows mascots mourning the monocle'd peanut in a cemetery, when the Kool-Aid man's tears cause "Baby Nut" to emerge from the dirt, a mascot reborn. 

The move is a pretty obvious nod to the popularity of Baby Yoda, and many people found the move to be a cheap exploitation of the public's affinity for cute characters. These feelings were then channeled into some seriously Anti-Baby Nut tweets that made us wonder if peanut allergies are more prevalent than we thought. Whatever the case, the passionate contempt for the small legume is vastly entertaining. We can't wait to see what Planters does to spin this one. 


Funny tweets about baby nut after super bowl liv | Saint Vic @vic_xo_ No tf he doesn't cartoon peanut can't even compete @OnAirJackson1 15h Jackson Ammons Baby Yoda has some competition #BabyNut Hector J. Navarro @HectorNavarro_ would mash Baby Peanut pulp and feed Baby Yoda sandwich
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