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'Boys Locker Room' Memes Are Perfect Sh*tposts Filled With Nostalgia

It's hard to think back to middle school and high school. All of the unnecessary drama and total awkwardness make the memories somewhat unpleasant. That said, very few segments of that time of our lives is as cringey as PE class. The class was terrible, but the locker rooms were worse. Being forced to strip naked in front of our peers and be completely vulnerable is not easy. Hell, my mom wouldn't let me have a bra until high school. You can imagine how bullied I felt for not having one. 

For some reason, memes about boys and girls locker rooms have been trending on r/dankmemes. Some people are decidedly against these sh*tposts, but we're having a ball with them. Though many of these memes veer toward the hyperbolic, the differences between male and female locker rooms couldn't be more real. We're just glad we don't actually have to relive the pain.

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