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Celine Dion's Instagram Has Inspired An Amazing Explosion Of Hip-Hop Puns

Celine Dion's had a rough two years. Her husband passed away back in 2016, but judging by yesterday's Instagram post, our favorite Canadian diva is very much back. The very badass photo, featuring a fiercely yellow-clad Dion staring out of a Bangkok skyscraper, caught the attention of Twitter user Matthew A. Cherry, who immediately likened the photo to the cover of a flaming hot mixtape. He asked his followers what the mixtape would be called, and the hilarity continued from there. The pun-tastic Twitter thread is so epic that it's even caught the attention of director Ava DuVernay. We've included most of the gems here, but you should definitely visit the thread if you're as into these puns as we are. 

Funny twitter thread about Celine Dion's mixtape.
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