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Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Is Inspiring Tons Of Memes

It's been four days since Seattle activists established the 'Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone' in a six block region of the city. The area, also being called "CHAZ," has declared itself separate from the United State government. CHAZ was created after police fled the George Floyd protests, and protesters were quick to create large barricades, restrooms, food and water distribution, and even disabled security cameras. There's also a smoking section intended to protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke.

While the city of Seattle has not officially recognized the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, the area has received a lot of attention from the media and from memers. Many of the memes are mocking in nature - especially regarding current attempts at farming in the area. We'll avoid taking sides, and instead will present you with content from people who pro-CHAZ and others who are very clearly against the movement. 

Funny memes about the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle Washington, CHAZ memes, political memes | WHAT IF KISSED AT SEATTLE AUTONOMOUS ZONE ARE ENTERING FREE CAPITOL HILL sign taped to barricade | astronaut aiming gun at another astronaut's head Wait 's all CHAZ Always has been
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