assyrian tablets


Assyrian Tablets Are Twitter's New Favorite Forbidden Snack

Move over, Tide Pods! There's a new forbidden snack in town. And while they could break your teeth, these Assyrian tablets won't send you to a premature death or cause your memes to be deleted on Facebook and Instagram. The arguably banal Twitter mania started when @serbiaireland shared a photo of a bowl filled with 4-5,000 year old tablets from Assyria. The tablets (which were once contracts, receipts, and letters) were quickly recognized to bear a striking resemblance to popular cereals. So the comedians of Twitter quickly got to work doing what they do best: making the same joke in ever-so-slightly different ways. 

Funny tweets about how Assyrian tablets look like cereal | oldeuropeanculture @serbiaireland Anyone hungry? A bowl Of 4000-5000 years old Assyrian tablets, with letters, contracts and receipts... I will eat the forbidden bowl of Chex | gonna make some cereal using the forbidden sarcophagus juice & the prohibited wheaties
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