Advice Thread On How To Deal With Solidified Human Ashes Is Comedy Gold

The process of scattering a loved ones ashes is generally pretty sacred and emotional. Today, we've learned that's not always the case. A desperate (and desperately amused) individual took to Facebook to beg for advice on how to dispose of her father's ashes after her mother informed her that his remains had completely solidified into a brick of human ash. After OP's mother had to take a CHISEL to said brick, they decided to avoid their unusual plight by asking the internet for advice. The commenters delivered something, but a whole lot more comedy than wisdom. And we're honestly more than okay with that. 

For more hilarious ash-scattering situations, check out this piece.

Funny story from facebook, funny thread about dad's ashes that became solidified, funny advice | some ashes out air has gotten into and ashes have basically solidified into big square brick she putting some his ashes into my jar she had CHISEL AT HIS ASHES get enough put jar can't stop laughing. Does anyone know break ashes back up doesn't involve chisel or putting pillowcase and driving over with car (my mums other suggestion can't were meant scatter them into ocean and my mum said can either
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