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Twitter Users Mock & Remix Another Hilariously Botched Painting Restoration

Eight years ago the world was rocked by a well-meaning old Spanish woman who took it upon herself to restore a painting of Jesus Christ. The painting, in its hilariously terrible glory, is often referred to as "Monkey Christ" or "Potato Jesus". Whatever you choose to call the massive fail, it's got some new competition. 

According to The Guardian, a private art collector in Spain (here we go again) paid a furniture restorer 1,200 euros to clean a famous painting by the baroque artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. The restorer's efforts fell woefully short of expectations, and left the Virgin Mary's face completely unrecognizable. The gaffe, which has inspired experts to call for art restoration regulation, might be tragic to art lovers, but is going a long way to amuse bored Twitter users. Even the Royal Academy of the Arts got in on the fun and challenged followers to "restore" the painting themselves. The results are pretty damn entertaining.

funny tweets about botched art restoration in spain, virgin mary | Nhu-Y Ngo @nhuyngo Replying davidmackau looks like something Redd would try sell on Animal Crossing 3:08 PM 6/22/20 Twitter Web App | angry anime face Ghost Tsuchimi RootLoops Replying royalacademy Done!
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