are you in the right headspace meme


'Are You In The Right Headspace' Memes Parody Another Insensitive Text Template

Remember that extremely callous and heavily mocked text template from a couple weeks ago? It seems that some more aspiring Twitter shrinks are looking to dethrone the "I'm At My Emotional Capacity" text template as the most insensitive way to communicate with someone you care about. The latest culprit in oblivious and hurtful communication comes from @YanaBirt, who took to Twitter to offer up a way to drop news that could hurt a friend in a conscientious way. 

 "Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?"

Most people on Twitter seem to agree that this is a terrible move, especially for people with anxiety. Nobody likes a "We need to talk" moment, and this is one that's dressed up being thoughtful. While we appreciate the outcry against this borderline-manipulative sentence, we appreciate the sassy and hilarious memes the text has created even more. And we've put together the very best examples just for you.

Funny 'are you in the right headspace' twitter meme
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