Alexandre Dumas


Tumblr Thread Tackles The 'Forgotten' Blackness Of French Author Alexandre Dumas

After years of studying the works of famed author Alexandre Dumas - both fiction (The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo) and nonfiction political writings - it's alarming that professors never told us that the French writer was black. And according to this Tumblr thread, we were not alone. The Hatian-born Dumas was a prolific hero of French literature. So why is his race not talked about? This thread deals with these injustices, and sheds light on Dumas' many accomplishments, his interests, and his unapologetic sass. Enjoy. 

Informative and educational tumblr thread about how french writer alexandre dumas is black | miketalkstrash-deactivated20170 Let's not forget acknowledge Alexandre Dumas this Black History Month writer two most well known stories worldwide Three Musketeers and Count Monte Cristo black man s excellence. latinagabi Let's not forget he played on screen by white man. And fact he black is barely ever mentioned or book he wrote inspired by his experiences.
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