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All The Best Memes & Responses To Tumblr's Adult Content Ban

December 3rd, 2018: A day that will forever be mocked (and mourned) by the entire Tumblr community. This is the day that the staff of Tumblr announced they would be banning "adult content" from their site for good. Artwork and drawings depicting nudity could remain, but anything depicting sexual acts, nudity, or female-presenting nipples will be banned, permanently. 

The news was a surprise to Tumblr's users, especially following an announcement in September, in which the staff claimed they wouldn't use automated filters to regulate their content - that it would interfere with creative expression. While it's no secret that Tumblr is overflowing with porn, and most of it is far from creative, this hypocrisy has rubbed users the wrong way. And how do people express discontent? With memes, of course.

Use the next few days, wisely, folks.

Funny memes about tumblr banning of adult content.
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