Rejected Comedian Gets What He Deserves After Verbally Abusing Date

Comedian Shane Hoban has had better days. So was a former date who got a lot more than she bargained for after telling the Boston resident that she didn't wish to pursue a relationship with him. Her respectful text is honest and even generously nice. She even wishes him luck at his upcoming show. That kindness is met with alarming aggression, abusive language, and disturbing threats. Fortunately the internet has helped make sure Hoban gets what is coming to him. 

Shane Hoban comedy show cancelled after he uses abusive language with date | Hi! Sorry I didn't shoot you a text back yesterday - just want to be honest I'm not sure I feel a huge connection here and I don't want to waste your time tonight (and I'll likely have to hang around this networking event tonight to find potential clients). I'm gonna have to pass on meeting up for drinks. Really wishing you the best and good luck on your show on Friday! You're not even my type either you're some dumb
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