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Ever Wonder How a Tesla 3 Is Built?

The Tesla 3 has been one of Tesla Motors greatest triumphs. The Tesla 3 has captured more than two-thirds of the electric vehicle market since its launch in 2017, and selling over 190,000 cars up until this point in the US alone, and have produced over 270,000. The vehicle itself is relatively affordable starting around $35,000, which is around half the cost of the other Tesla vehicles. To put it into perspective, 180,000 pre-orders were made in the car's first 24 hours, and over 325,000 in the first week alone after release. 

But with all the acclaim and market domination, how does one make such a trend-setting car? Luckily, we found a behind the scenes look at their factory, so we have from start to finish how the Tesla 3 is manufactured.

The step by step construction of a Tesla 3 in the factory from bare-bones frame to fully functioning car. The cover photo is of a Tesla 3 driving with the sunset in the backdrop
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