The Contrast of the Dueling Worlds is Truly Shocking

Sometimes we are truly woefully unaware of how fortunate we are to have the family we do, the life we lead, and the ability to drive forward toward our goals. Our safety, our well being, is rarely a pressing concern in our day to day lives. Yet millions of people around the world are currently in unimaginable situations, simply trying to survive. 

Turkish artist Ugur Gallenkus decided to take this duality and make it into an expression of art. Some of the images are not easy viewing so be aware before looking at the list. But it is a beautiful and painful reminder that the life we lead is not the status quo, and sometimes it is good to acknowledge our own fortunes.

Ugur himself is not even a career artist. The viral image of the Syrian boy face down in the sand shocked the white-collar worker into action. Using online courses in digital design and photography, he taught himself the skills he needed in order to create this expression of dueling worlds come together as one. The once business school graduate became a office worker by day and artist by night. Even until today, he still works at his day job while creating these stunning scenes.

Turkish white-collar worker turned photographer Uğur Gallenkuş captured the stark differences between Western life and the struggles of people in war zones around the world. The cover image is a school boy transposed over a picture of a child soldier capturing the two conflicting worlds perfectly
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