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Watch The First Moments of NASA's Crew Dragon Spacecraft Launch

Don't have time to watch or fast-forward through 6 hours of filler coverage? We've grabbed the perfect shots from SpaceX and NASA's joint spacecraft launch of the Crew Dragon. This is the first commercial spacecraft in history to bring astronauts into space, and was designed by the tech giant Elon Musk with his SpaceX commercial space program. With the launch a complete success, and the window narrowing after inclement weather, the successful launch was a massive achievement for commercial space travel, and the potential is massive for scaling this to even greater heights. Next stop, Mars.

Launch highlights of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft as it carries two astronauts into space to the International Space Station as the first commercial spacecraft to bring astronauts into space. The cover gif is an immediate close up and then zoom out of SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft launching and the thrust trail it leaves as it rockets into the atmosphere and into space.
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