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Nothing to See Here, Just a Person Running Like an Anime Character Near Area 51

Well its finally here. The time has come to "Raid Area 51." With over 2 million "confirmed attending," even the town nearby had a $250,000 emergency contingency fund set up to deal with the influx of people with a population of 50 people. However, as usual, the nest laid plans of mice and men are doomed to fail. And in this case there was never any raid. 

The page was set up as a meme, and simply became so viral that it spiraled out of control. However that doesn't mean it's still just a desert wasteland. Over 3000 people arrived to the area near Area 51, and it has turned into a nerdy music festival, with a lot of tinfoil hats. But luckily, people like this guy in the background were still training for the day maybe they will invade Area 51.

Random teenager runs through news broadcast about the Area 51 raid running like a ninja from a Japanese cartoon
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