Natural Disasters


The White Island Volcano Eruption

The White Island Volcano, off of the coast of New Zealand, known as Whakaari, erupted on Monday December 9th. The tourism hotspot had a number of boats and tourists in the area, and unfortunately around 50 people were on the island at the time of the explosion. So far authorities confirmed 6 dead and 29 in intensive care with burns ranging from 40 to 95%. Rescue efforts are stymied as the volcano has shown signs that another eruption is imminent, and there a number of people still missing.  

Hospitals have ordered 1.2 million square kilometers of skin in order to make sure to have enough to treat the patients, and any additional patients that may be discovered. These are some glimpses of the explosion and aftermath.

White Island Volcano Whakaari in New Zealand erupted with dozens of tourists still in the crater and a number still unaccounted for
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