Estate Agency Gifts Employees Bonus of $10m And Their Happiness Is So Pure (GIFs & Photos)

The employees of an estate agency in Maryland had an unforgettable Christmas party this December when their boss decided to reward all 198 workers with $10 million to split, based on how long they had worked at the agency. The bonuses ranged from $100 to $270,000, with the average bonus around $50,000. The reactions of the employees was priceless and filled us with a warm fuzzy feeling. Watch the whole YouTube video of the event here, but get the tissues ready because seeing pure happiness like that won't fail to make you bawl. If you want to cry from cuteness, check out this cat that is Baby Yoda lookalike. Aw. 

Two people hugging - a real estate agency in maryland recently rewarded it's workers with a bonus of $10m to split, with each worker getting around $50,000
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