A Meticulously Renovated House Made the News Again - This Time For It's Owners

In St. Louis, lawyers Mark and Particia McCloskey found themselves once again a viral couple on the internet, but this time for slightly different reasons. Last time, people were amazed by their meticulous restoration of their mansion to it's former glory. This time, during nationwide protests seeking significant change, the couple caught the ire of Twitter and the internet overall. It spawned both an intense discourse, and a lot of great memes.

Further videos showed the protesters entered a private community without permission, so the situation is not all that it seems. In the context of what happened, it is more understandable that these homeowners, who spent years restoring their house to it's former glory, might overreact. 

What do you think should have happened? Who is in the right here? 

Protestors seemingly on the sidewalk have home owners waving their guns around at them to keep them away from the property, while in reality the protestors entered a private gated community through a closed side entrance, leaving the situation up for interpretation. The cover gif is a compiliation of stills from the incident with the couple living in the Mayor of St.Louis's gated neighborhood
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