Danish Band Surprises New Conductor With Epic Reception At Airport

The Danish Radio Big Band has been through tough times, at least if their member's are to be believed. Multiple soloists out of order, lack of commitment, and simply bad musicianship has plagued the band for the past 17 years, since they last had a conductor. Fortunately, besides all of this being satire, the band has found their savior, a young and award winning composer and conductor, Miho Hazama. They were so excited for her arrival, that they filmed a satirical welcome video showing the "sorry state" of their ensemble. 

But not to be outdone by their own efforts to be culturally relevant, the members decided to one up their welcome video, and plan a flash mob at the gate at Copenhagen Airport that awaited her when she arrived in Denmark. Quickly surrounding her with their music, the members broke out into a song written just for her to welcome her, and the result is below.

If only every job would welcome you like this when you get hired.

Danish band surprises their new Japanese conductor at the Danish airport with an ensemble flash mob
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