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So you've finally had it. You have tried every walkthrough, every hint and tip and how-to Youtube video, and still, there is one obstacle, one mission that you cannot get past. Each person deals with this differently. Some throw a tantrum and a fist or foot through the screen. Others have epic meltdowns that end up viral on the internet. Some even give up the game completely, and just start on a new one. And then there are those who are not satisfied with just throwing up their hands. Those who must get through the game, no matter what the cost. So they use cheat codes or programs to modify the game play, and make their personal Kobayashi Maru into an easy mode problem to solve. Whatever the case, there is always a way to get past or around something, it might just twinge your moral compass to do it. Sometimes though it isn't the players fault. Sometimes there are just issues with the programming, and these amazing game glitches will show you just how bad some of them can get.