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Bad Guys Are Such Terrible Shots

animation family guy gifs sad but true shooting - 5538744064
Created by Howd_itgetburned

Official Fail

chair FAIL gifs mayor ouch - 5275806208
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via )

Dancing With Boys

dancing gifs wrestling - 8398733056
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What Does The Bear Have in His Mouth?

bears critters gifs what - 8192519680
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Horse Dunks Two Girls in The Mud

gifs mud girls horse - 7163587584
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Youtube )

The Monster Bit Off Your Nose

gifs nose funny monster - 8554797824
Created by Unknown

The cutest derp face ever

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Giraffe Stuck in Swimming Pool

critters gifs giraffes pool swimming - 5534687232
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A Moment From Every 90's Kid's Childhood

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Massive Bridge Demolition in China

explosions gifs China funny demolition - 7486032896

Kitten Excited to Snow

gifs snow kitten - 8266326016

So That's Where My Oakley's Went

animation gifs gross lol rage faces sad but true scary technology - 5369230080

Alternative Propulsion in Korea

chair gifs azns wut korea amazing - 6755401472
Created by ToolBee

Cat parking

slow motion leap from a cat off the kitchen counter onto the top of the fridge
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I can be fast when I need to

gif cat - 8595582208
Created by Chris10a

Whales Chasing a Boat Wake

orcas gifs water critters whales funny - 7456023808