The Best Stuff People Found In The Garbage

"Value" is a very slippery concept, and what one person might choose to throw away could equally be seen as a major score for someone else. There are idiots throwing away guitars, TVs and jackets just because of a small fixable issue, and it's the sworn duty of the rest of us, the shameless garbage sifters, to pluck that ripe fruit-o-the-trash. Ironically it's often the stuff that people try to sell that's the real garbage, like this weird and dumb stuff people tried selling online. For a glimpse at the kind of people throwing nice stuff away, here are some of the most expensive things people witnessed.

interesting and valuable things people found in the trash | Handwriting - Duck-Yo-Couch 2 days ago Once I found a perfectly good stationary bike that my neighbors threw out that I cleaned up then used for years. Can't believe this day comes only 52 times a year.
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